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My name is María Claudia Mejía. I am originally from Colombia and have been teaching Spanish in Canada for the past 20 years.

My mission is to empower you to learn and expand on the fundamentals of the Spanish Language and culture, cater to your specific needs and at your own pace.

I am familiar teaching students of all ages and all Spanish levels. My degree in Psychology has helped me develop programs that cater to each participant's learning needs.

My classes are dynamic. You will learn with educational tools in order to promote both, your oral and written communication skills. In addition, you will have the opportunity to practice your Spanish with other students through fun activities such as movie workshops, conversation clubs and cooking workshops.

I am looking forward to meeting you.


"Maria is the best Spanish tutor that I have ever had. Her classes are always so fun and her other students are great to take classes with. She helped me immensely with my grammar, conversation abilities and accent. She also incorporates cultural teachings from all over Latin America and especially Colombia. Not only have I improved my Spanish but each class I learn something new about the Spanish speaking world! What is most helpful to me is that she knows the Spanish language syllabus that universities follow, so I am able to work with her on what I am currently learning in university. Her classes are well organized and consistent. I also am in her conversation clubs. These are weekly meetings for her students to improve our speaking abilities in a fun way. We usually talk about current events, countries in Latin America, holidays or movies. If you are a beginner or super advanced and want to keep up with your language I would highly recommend her!"
- Justine E.

"Our daughter has been taking weekly Spanish classes with María Claudia and we have been very happy. María Claudia is extremely well prepared for every class and clearly has an abundance of knowledge and experience in teaching. She has a wonderful collection of material to supplement her lesson plans and María Claudia is a lovely person! It is a joy to be able to have our daughter learn from her."
- Mariana V.

"I have learned so much in Maria’s Spanish lessons. Her teachings are easy to understand and build in a way that encourages me to learn more. Maria is kind and has been flexible with my schedule. I have enjoyed all my time learning from her!"
- Hayley B.

"3 yrs ago I looked into taking lessons. I had an interview with Maria. In the end I decided to go with another private tutor. After having lessons for over a year I switched to Maria's school. There is a marked difference in the quality of education that Maria offers. I truly believe that my comprehension and actual command of Spanish conversation would be considerably further along if I had chosen Maria's classes in the first place. I highly recommend using her to learn Spanish."
- Ron M.

"Maria is a very knowlegeable Spanish teacher. She provides excellent learning material for different topics. She creates a very comprehensive environment to learn Spanish grammar, pronounciation, and written communication. In many instances, she weaves Spanish and Colombian culture into her lessons. I would highly recommend Maria as a Spanish teacher."
- Donnie W.

"We have been taking lessons with Maria for two years. She is a great teacher, very engaging, always working with us on what we want to learn and at our own speed. With COVID she very quickly adjusted her approach to teaching to provide online courses to ensure we could continue with our classes. Maria offers a number of extra-curricular learning opportunities, such as discussion groups, movie night, cooking classes and the opportunity to meet other students and have conversation with them. We did not think that we would be able to get to where we are in learning the language so quickly. We would highly recommend Maria and Spanish mcm if you want to learn Spanish with an native Spanish speaking teacher."
- Denise W.