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Learning Activities

Spanish mcm offers activities that will enable you to learn and practice Spanish in an enjoyable way and in a relaxed environment. We offer movie workshops, conversation clubs and cooking workshops. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of whether they are Spanish mcm's students.

Movie Workshops

At the mpovies
  • We will hold a moderated discussion based on a Spanish movie.
  • Prior to the movie, a vocabulary list will be distributed to participants.
  • This activity allows the students to improve their listening skills while being immersed in stories from different cultures.
  • Participants learn how to share their ideas with confidence.

Conversation Clubs

  • These clubs will enable you to build vocabulary by discussing different topics with other participants.
  • In order to give each student enough time to participate during the session, our groups will include no more than 6 participants.
  • You are welcome to organize a group if you have friends who have the same Spanish level and are interested in our conversation clubs.

Cooking Workshops

Teacher of cooking workshop
  • Join a cooking session and learn how to prepare dishes from around the world while you practice your Spanish.
  • Interesting facts about the dishes and culture will be provided to enrich the experience.
  • This activity is hosted by Taste of the World.